Tourism in any city or place flourishes when there are enough activities to cater to the burgeoning visitors who would throng to the place in search of adventure, relaxation, serenity and peace.

The more varieties of activities that could be dished out to the visiting clientele would attract them and others which would make the city or place popular and wanted by all those who would seek something special that they would like to indulge in.

Oludeniz, in the District of Fethiye, in the Province of Mugla, in Turkey is just such a place, created by Nature in all it’s splendor to attract millions from around the world every year.

There are activities to keep everyone who would dare to come to Oludeniz, on their toes right through their stay in this naturally created enclave which is just like it had dropped off the gates of Heaven. 

#. Para Gliding

Oludeniz is widely accepted as one of the most scenic Para gliding locations in the world for its breath taking views from above sailing leisurely down to the beach below form the picturesque Mountain Baradag.

The very sedate weather conditions right through the year, but more popular during the summer months, Para gliders throng from all over the world to ensure they get their adrenaline pumped up when they jump off the mountain.

#. Horse Riding

This is another very popular attraction in Oludeniz, where a casual ride on the back of a horse would provide just the impetus to assimilate everything that Nature has bestowed on this part of the world which it has not done elsewhere.

Rides are very competitively priced and are something that every traveler to Oludeniz should seriously consider of enjoying when in this resplendent city with long trails and a beach so pristine that nature has brought down for Heaven for all those discerning enough to enjoy.

#. Quad Bike safari

This is also another smart way of getting around the backtracks of Oludeniz, enjoying everything that it has to offer the discerning traveler who would be able to enjoy the rough roads to look through some of the most picturesque scenes one would not observe anywhere else n the world.

Hiring these are easy and they are convenient to ride too, and are enjoyable to say the least and would be fun for the whole family to get about where accs for any other types of vehicles would be limited. 

#. Dalaman River Rafting

The rushing waters of the Dalaman river, is where you could push your adrenaline to the optimum with a eight (08) kilometer course with most of the safety measures in place would take a jostling rid of two hours and thirty minutes.

The down river rafting is just exhilarating to say the least and is a one in a life time experience which would bring out the best in adventure even for the soft hearted souls who would talk about it for years into their lives.