Tucked away in the Southwest of Turkey is the un-spoilt and nature protected, tourist enclave of Oludeniz, a city vibrant with visitors during the season with so many historical and cultural sites most of which have been recognized for its unique value to human and animal ecology.

The pristine beaches, coupled with the turquoise blue waters, majestically surveyed by the mountain Baradag, provides the appropriate impetus for every visitor to take back home nothing but pleasant memories which would linger in them for many years into the future.

It would be prudent on your part to ensure that you plan your vacation to Oludeniz in particular and Turkey n general well in advance so that you could enjoy its numerous sites as fast as possible during the days you would be here.

Oluideniz has much to offer and with many excursions made available to the discerning traveler the choices are umpteen and if you are contemplating of visiting most of the places that would interest you, the way to do so would be to make arrangements as early as possible.

There are many Full Day excursions which would cover most of the sites of interest around Oludeniz in a day whilst there are also others where you would need to either stay over or keep changing the place of aboard, so that you would be able to cover a wider area of interest.

You could choose precisely what you would like to see and indulge in as the spectrum for leisure, sightseeing, travel, swimming, safaris just to name a few are in wanton abundance.

#. Canoeing excursion

The river Xanthos offers some of the best waters for canoeing and paddling a two man canoe down river is an experience unique in many ways due to the exhilarating experience coupled with the beauty of the surroundings.

There is nothing which would compare in any part of the world for the sheer picturesque setting which would be picture book perfect to make your holiday a memorable one.

#. Sunset boat ride

The boat ride would take you along some of the best scenic sites that you would ever behold with the brightly shining Moon above surrounded with a multitude of sdtars in the sky which would give everyone a nostalgic feeling of being in an era gone by.

Sunset boat rides are generally culminated with a sumptuous dinner served in true Mediterranean flavor spruced up with delectable gourmet cuisine unique to this part of the world.  

#. Fethiye historical and cultural excursion

The sites that are unique to Oludeniz in particular and Fethiye in general are so numerous that counting them would need more than the fingers in your hands and the toes in your feet, because the variety of them made available is far beyond anybody’s comprehension.

Dating back centuries there are many such sites which have been bestowed with the mark of approval of UNESCO as World Heritage sites which are very few today around the world. Dijital Koz