If there is one place on our resplendent Earth on which Nature had cast a spell that would definitely be, none other than Oludeniz, in the District of Fethiye, in the Southwest of Turkey.

The pristine beaches, the turquoise blue waters, the scenic and picturesque mountain Baradag along with the historical and cultural monuments are testimony to the fact.

If you are contemplating to visit a place steeped in history and natural beauty, then there should not be any second qualms but to select and visit Oludeniz, which would keep you open mouthed and awestruck throughout your stay.

To get a better idea of what Oludeniz has to offer the discerning traveler it would be inevitable that you choose few of the most interesting places to visit in close proximity to the place where you would stay so that every minute of your sojourn is enjoyable and fruitful.

It is prudent to ensure that you embark on the appropriate tours when in Oludeniz so that you would be able to see as much as possible during the short period that you would spend in this spectacular place.

There is much to see and assimilate hence planning well in advance before you physically land in Oludeniz would hold you in good stead.

#. Fethiye Market

If you happen to be in Fethiye on a Tuesday, then there is no excuse which should let you pass without making a tour of the Fethiye Market which would be filled with an abundance of everything that Turkey in general, and the Fethiye region in particular has to offer the discerning buyer.

This is the largest open air market in the Fethiye region and there are many items of interest for everyone on offer at very competitive prices and if you are a bargain hunter this is the place you need to be on a Tuesday.

#. Dalyan Mud bath

A tour to Dalyan would combine sightseeing, a medicinal experience and the indulgence of fun and frolic in the salubrious Dalyan beach which is like none other anywhere else.

A tour of the ancient Lycian rock tombs which date back centuries, along the narrow channels of the Dalyan river would keep you awestruck and in gaping wonder seeing history at such close quarters.

The thermal springs on this tour would be the highlight and an experience that you would need to see firsthand which would be like none other anywhere in the world for the sheer splendor of the site and the beauty of the place.

#. Saklikent Tlos Yakapark

The ancient Lycian city of Tlos would open up after a long and winding road through a spectacular valley carved out of the mountains on either side which is just picturesque to behold.

History is steeped on this tour and dates back to the 14th century and beyond and is one tour which would enlighten every history and cultural buff about how our ancestors who lived in these parts of the world went about their business in times of yore.